About Us

Xform Visiuals is a creative rendering studio founded in 2019 and specialized in high-end architectural visualization.

Each project is unique and contains many non-trivial tasks. We are ready to take on the solution of many problems if you give us artistic freedom. If you have already formed an image of how the project should look like, we will gladly implement it.

Xform Visiuals is a team of dedicated artists. We are creators and problem solvers. We come from all corners of the world and each brings a unique set of skills that complement one another. We are committed to providing the best experience to our clients and coworkers. Each of us is dedicated and plays a highly specialized role that we excel at.

Boris Livy
Alexey Lebedev
Sergey Buligin
Senior 3d modeler
Alexey Odintcov
Senior 3d visual artist
Olga Lebedeva
Sales manager